Pumpkin Eater…

Pumpkin recipes were a fall staple in our house last year, and you probably read way too many pumpkin posts on here – but who can resist?! I’m a little late getting started on recipes but here are some hopefuls I found on Pinterest.

I’ll announce the giveaway winner from the first “100 likes” on Wednesday! You have until Friday to spread the word about the Pixels and Pumps facebook page in hopes of reaching “200 likes” and a second chance at winning another giveaway! Winners will receive a box of my favorite products featured throughout the year!

1. Pumpkin Butter
2. Pumpkin Pillows
3. Pumpkin Gnocchi
4. Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Cakes

– All images via Pinterest, links to recipes above! Enjoy! 

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